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The Fundageo Group 

The Group Fundageo offers financial solutions to social and societal problems. Active on the theme of financing the dependency phase in Europe, Fundageo has specialised itself in the viager as one element of a solution. The Group has become one of the major actor in mutualized viager in Europe and especially in France.

The Group Fundageo acts as a link between the necessity of liquidity of the pensioners and the need for the institutional and professionals investors of simple, transparent, stable and low profile risk investments.

A concrete impact on the financing of the longevity

The longevity is a financial and a human challenge which faces governments of the world. From the independent phase to the dependant one, selling in viager allows the pensioners to transform part of their immobilisation into liquidity without changing life environment. The viager also assure them to keep or improve their standard of living, their purchasing power, security of payments and a serenity, as the constraints of property management are transferred to the Group Fundageo.

Team and Organisation

The Group Fundageo gathers professionals of finance and real-estate, who allied the best practices of those two universes into a dynamic and optimise structure, thanks to our unique management tool, Viagestion ©.

The Group Fundageo is mainly a consequence of the wish of its founders to develop a business which allows impact investment. The deontological aspects are in the centre of our preoccupations. That’s why we developed a code of conduct that we ensure it is being followed.

A unique experience

the Group Fundageo understands perfectly the viager market, as its founders have invested their own funds in the early 2000. With Théia, the Group developed an institutional portfolio and was able to implement Viagestion©, which was confronted to all the possible different setups. Fundageo offers concrete and experienced facts certified by experts and independants.

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Fundageo Consulting & Services

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